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For the past 16 years, we’ve been serving our communities with sincerity, compassion and reputability as the driving force of our profession. Residing in the areas of Broomfield and Adams County we respond with haste and utilize our services in generating bonds, posting bail, and processing releases. Whether it’s yourself, your friend or a loved one in jail on pretrial conditions, we possess the knowledge and legal expertise to get your life on track.

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Urban Bail Bonds offers a variety of services that emphasize speed and efficiency in order to best serve our clients and their situations across Broomfield and Adams counties.
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We move fast. 95% of our clients are out of jail in 2 - 10 hours.
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We’re available around the clock and will immediately respond to all calls and voicemails.
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No gimmicks, no games, just the best possible rate depending on your credit.
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Customized services in English or Russian to support you as best we can.

How A Bond Works

Working alongside a licensed Bail Bondsman, the cosigner of the defendant, also known as a “indemnitor”, pays a non-refundable fee to ensure that the full bail amount is posted for the defendant by the Bail Bondsman.

Under contractual agreement, the cosigner guarantees the amount of the bond along with reimbursements for any fees and expenses if the defendant doesn’t follow the terms of the Bond Agreement. For example, if the defendant did not return to court when ordered to do so. The value of the bond is secured by the cosigner’s creditworthiness and/or collateral.

Once the bond has been released by the court, your obligation and guarantee of the bond is terminated. At this point, a certified copy of the release will be sent to Urban Bail Bonds. All outstanding fees still due will need to be paid in full.

Bail Bond Definition

A commercial bail bond, also known as a surety bond, is an agreement between a bail agent and an indemnitor to secure the release of a defendant from jail. In lieu of paying the full amount set by the court, the indemnitor pays the bail agent a portion of that amount.

Having a bail bond co-signed by a bail bondsman ensures that the defendant will appear for trial. The licensed bail agent (the bondsman) will be liable to the courts, if the defendant does not appear as required, for the amount of bail in total.

Adams or Broomfield County bondsmen are able to review your case and credit situation and then secure financing that provides the necessary cash bail required by the courts in turn for a fee that the bondsman collects upon the court appearance.

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