About Urban Bail Bonds

Established in 2006, Urban Bail Bonds has helped the communities of Broomfield and Adams county navigate the pathway of posting bonds. Life happens, and these situations involving your loved ones can be stressful and even confusing to go through. Our Professional Bondsmen know the ins and outs of the bond process to alleviate any client concerns and to ensure a quick and seamless process with posting bonds.

Serving our community since 2006

We’re here to help 24/7 to assist our clients over the phone and in person with any questions and concerns that they have about the bond process. We take a community orientated approach in the areas we serve to be more than just another bail bonds agency. We work with a clients long after their release to assist with substance abuse counseling, job resources, housing, education, and other tools needed to stay on the right side of the law.

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