When a person has an encounter with law enforcement that doesn’t go their way there can be all sorts of repercussions. If the accused has a high-profile job the ramifications of being arrested – even if the charges are ultimately dropped or disproven – can create a career earthquake that may take years to recover from. However, the negative consequences of being arrested can also undermine the average person’s day-to-day life. For these reasons and more, it is often important for people to keep news of their arrest from spreading and the bail bond agent can be an unlikely but effective ally in that effort.

How The Bonding Company Helps Ensure Discretion

When a person’s personal or professional life depends on maintaining a certain image, getting arrested is often one of the worst things that can happen. Even if the alleged infraction is relatively minor, news of an arrest can take on a life of its own and undermine a person’s credibility and reputation. The good news is that a professional bail bond agent can help to ensure your business stays your business. Here’s how:

Providing 24-hour bail bonds

If you have a reputation to uphold and you get arrested at 2 am you might consider yourself lucky. Why? Because Urban Bail Bonds offers 24-hour service that can have you back home before the sun comes up. This important service not only enables you to spend as little time as possible behind bars, but it also enables you to wrap up the arrest portion of your legal predicament while the rest of the world sleeps.

Round-the-clock bail bonds also ensure the family member who comes to the arrested person’s aid will not have to take time off from their job or go running around in broad daylight trying to secure bail for their loved one. They too can take care of their business in a discreet fashion and engage in their normal routine the following morning.

Providing discreet contact options

Unlike most businesses, the bail bond company will accept collect calls when it involves bailing someone out of jail. Why is that good news? Because it means you do not have to use your mobile phone to get in touch with the team at Urban Bail Bonds. Instead, you can use a pay phone and call us to collect. This way there is no record on your smartphone of having called us.

Another option is to use the contact form on our website. Simply fill out the required fields and tap the “send” button. We will get back to you as quickly as possible and set things in motion to secure the release of your loved one. You can do this from your laptop so that, again, there is no record of having called a bondsman on your smartphone.

Providing discreet meeting options

While many aspects of the bail process can now be handled online or by phone there will still be instances when it will be necessary to have a face-to-face meeting with the bondsman. But what if someone you know sees you entering or exiting the bondsman’s office? That could undermine your privacy quickly and in a big way.

Should discretion be of primary importance to you it may be possible to arrange to meet a bail bondsman at a neutral location in Broomfield County or elsewhere where neither you nor they are likely to be recognized. Talk to the team at Urban Bail Bonds about arranging this type of meeting.

Preventing the state from slapping a tracking device on you

In some DUI cases, the state will give the accused the option of wearing a monitoring device instead of having to post bail. A lot of people agree with this because it saves them a few bucks. But if you are concerned about word of your arrest becoming public knowledge the last thing you want is to be wearing a tracking device around your ankle everywhere you go.

First of all, people will likely notice it. But even if they don’t see it they’ll hear it if the alarm goes off because you inadvertently came too close to a bar or you went out for a drink with the boss after work. By opting to post bail it may be possible to avoid this type of public reveal of your situation. While the state will still insist some individuals wear a monitoring device even if they post bail you stand a better chance of not having to wear one if you work with a bonding company. Especially if it is your first offense.

Retain Your Privacy By Working With Urban Bail Bonds

Getting arrested is not only disruptive and embarrassing it can also cause grave damage to a person’s personal or professional reputation. That’s the bad news. The good news is that your being arrested does not have to be the lead topic of conversation in your office or at your neighbor’s dinner table. By working with a professional bail bond company in Broomfield you can help ensure your privacy and deal with the charges against you in a discreet fashion.

If you or someone you know has been arrested and you need to handle it as quietly as possible, get in touch with the professionals at Urban Bail Bonds either by using the contact form on our website or by calling 303-623-0399 from your phone or a pay phone.