Clients and potential clients are often full of questions, and that is understandable. Especially if they have no experience with a bail bond agent. One of the questions we get most often from people has to do with whether or not they have to engage the services of a bail company or if they can bail themselves out of jail. In the spirit of clarity, the team at Urban Bail Bonds has composed this guide which addresses the issue in a comprehensive manner.

First Things First: What is the Typical Bail Process?

In most cases when a person is arrested in Broomfield County they can expect things to unfold in the following manner:

  • They are transported to the local jail and booked for the alleged offense.
  • In the event of a low-level crime, bail will be determined by a bail schedule which indicates set bail amounts for different offenses.
  • They will then have the opportunity to pay the amount on the spot using cash, or a debit or credit card, or they can call a loved one or bail bond company for help.
  • Once the bail has been posted they are released pending their day in court.
  • Depending on the offense there will be different conditions attached to their release, such as no drinking.

If the event a person has been arrested for a more serious crime they may be required to remain in custody pending a bail hearing before a judge and things will proceed thusly:

During the bail hearing the judge or magistrate will determine if the person is to be offered bail and if so, the amount of that bail.

Once the bail is set the defendant will be returned to jail where they or their loved ones can arrange to either pay the bail in full or enlist the assistance of a bonding company.

For a modest fee, the bail agent will post a bond that secures the release of the accused.

If the accused fails to appear for their subsequent court dates the bail will likely be forfeited and whoever cosigned for the bail bond will be responsible for the entire amount.

With all that in mind, let’s move on to the issue at hand.

Do You Always Have the Option of Bailing Yourself Out of Jail?

There is no law stating that a person must work with a bail bondsman. If the person is financially capable they can pay their own bail, regardless of the size. Keep in mind, however, that if the bail amount is substantial it is unlikely the defendant will have the entire amount on hand in cash at the time of their arrest. Therefore they will need to find someone who can withdraw the requisite amount from the bank for them and deliver it to the jail. Easier said than done. Which is why, even for people of means, the bondsman is the best choice when the bail amount is significant.

5 Good Reasons to Always Work with a Bonding Company in Broomfield

Whether you are working with limited resources or you are a person with substantial financial resources at your disposal it is always best to work with a bondsman, especially when the bail amount is significant. Here are 5 reasons why that is so.

Reason 1: Smaller upfront costs

Paying the bail amount out of your own pocket means parting with perhaps thousands of dollars (perhaps many thousands of dollars, depending on the crime) right up front. On the other hand, if you opt to work with a bondsman you will only need to pay a fraction of the total bail amount in the form of a non-refundable service fee.

Reason 2: More payment options

When you work with a bail bondsman you will have a variety of payment options and can choose the one that is most convenient for you. If you are paying the full bail amount yourself you are limited to cash, debit or credit cards. While bonding agents will accept those payment methods too, most will also offer additional payment options, including installments and collateral such as a car, condo or other assets.

Reason 3: You will likely be released faster

No one wants to sit in jail one minute longer than is absolutely necessary. If you choose to pay your own bail, however, it may take some time to arrange the logistics of securing your release, especially if you’ve been arrested at night. On the other hand, the bail bond agent is an experienced pro who likely offers 24-hour bail bonds, meaning that even if you are arrested at 2:30 a.m. they will spring into action to secure your release ASAP.

Reason 4: You can save your cash for other things

If you opt to pay the full bail amount in cash you can say goodbye to that money until your court case has wound its way through the legal system. Only then, if you have made all your court appearances and the matter is considered settled, will you get your cash back. And even then it will take 30 additional days. On the other hand, if you use a bondsman you are only out the fee amount and you can use your cash for other things, like hiring a good defense lawyer.

Reason 5: Those who post their own bail are more likely to forfeit it

Human nature being what it is, people don’t always act in a rational manner. People who pay their own bail may not feel obliged to anyone else and so are more likely to skip their court appearance and forfeit the bail they paid. Remember, if someone else co-signs the bond for you they will be financially responsible if you skip out on court, not you. This fact often acts as a deterrent that prevents defendants from jumping bail.

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