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In most cases that don’t involve serious felonies, posting bail in Broomfield County or Adams County is a pretty simple and straightforward process. Unfortunately, once released many people make fundamental missteps that result in their bail being revoked and perhaps other charges being brought against them. In this post we are going to look at some of the most common mistakes people make after the bail bond agent has helped secure their release.

Some Common Mistakes People Make When Out on Bail

Posting bail is normally a simple process. You are arrested for some relatively minor (or perhaps even not-so-minor) infraction, you contact the bail bond company, they post your bond and you are released with a court date and conditions.

The sad fact is that many people pay attention to the first part of that statement – “you are released with a court date” – and ignore the second part about “conditions”. But they shouldn’t. Because violating any of the conditions set by the court can result in bail being revoked and the person being returned to custody.

Here are some of the most common mistakes people make while out on bail.

  • Getting arrested for another offense while out on bail – The bad news is that it happens all the time. The good news is that it’s not inevitable. By simply acting with a bit of adult restraint while out on bail you can avoid further run-ins with the law that will see your bail revoked and you returned to a jail cell to await your day in court.
  • Traveling out of state – We see this one all the time. Sometimes people with previously scheduled vacations don’t want to give them up. They figure “What harm could it do for me to sit on a beach for a week in Cancun? I’ll be back for my court date.” But if a condition of your release was that you not travel out of state then you need to respect that and cancel your plans. Otherwise, you could face revocation of your bail and re-arrest upon your return.
  • Upsetting the person that cosigned for them – Whether you call a family member, close friend or associate to help you obtain bail you need to treat them with respect once you’re released. Why? Because they have the right to change their mind at any time. That’s right. If you upset them in some way while out on bail they can go to the bonding company and have their name removed from your bond. Meaning you’ll be re-arrested and put back in jail.
  • Missing their court appearance – Sometimes people skip bail on purpose and become fugitives. But in some cases, a person simply forgets to mark the date of their court appearance on their calendar (or marks the wrong date) and doesn’t become aware of their mistake until the bail bond agent calls or the bounty hunter shows up at their door. The first thing you should do when bailed out is make note of the date of your court appearance and commit it to memory. Also, tell someone else so they can remind you in case you forget.
  • Moving while out on bail – The address you provided to the court at the time of your arrest is where they expect to be able to find you if something comes up related to your case. Therefore, moving while out on bail is a big no-no. You may want to move because your arrest has become known to your neighbors and you want to avoid the stares and whispers. But moving without first telling your bondsman and getting permission from the court is a big mistake that can result in your bail being revoked.
  • Not contacting the bondsman if something happens – If something happens while you’re out on bail that you think has the potential to undermine your release status you should contact your bail bondsman without delay. Let’s say someone borrowed your car and had an accident, or you got into a fight in a bar and are worried the other party is going to press charges. Whatever the circumstances when anything out of the ordinary happens while you are out on bail your first call should be to the bail bond company. Inform them of the details and follow their advice.

Don’t Take Bail for Granted

While the constitution prohibits excessive bail it is silent on whether or not bail is an absolute right. As such the courts have a lot of leeway when it comes to deciding who gets bail and who is held awaiting their court date. If you were arrested and fortunate enough to be released on bond, it doesn’t do any good to assume an air of invincibility and act with disregard for the consequences, because those consequences could be severe.

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