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Living with an arrest warrant hanging over your head means you are never truly free. Even an incidental encounter with the police could end up with them discovering the warrant and taking you into custody. Any time someone rings your doorbell you’ll fear the police coming to serve the arrest warrant. Or, depending on the severity of the charge, they may come right into your place of work and take you out in cuffs in front of everyone. After more than 16 years of experience, the Urban Bail Bonds team knows how active warrants can undermine quality of life. This raises the question – “should you turn yourself in?”

Active Warrants: Life Under a Dark Cloud

If you have reason to believe there is a warrant out for your arrest, you live your life under a dark cloud. You don’t feel so confident when driving or going out on the town. You tense up whenever there are police officers around and you live in fear that The Man could descend on you at any moment turning your personal and professional life upside down.

It’s a high price to pay for avoiding whatever the original legal issue was and it’s been described as living in a kind of open-air prison. It would be hard to come up with a scenario where turning oneself in to face the music is not a better option. But what’s the best way to do that? A bail bond agent may be able to help.

Finding Out if a Warrant Exists

Before you try to surrender yourself you need to be absolutely certain a warrant for your arrest exists. You may know of some infraction you committed and, because you didn’t address it, assume that a warrant has been issued. And while there’s a pretty good chance you’re right, there is always the possibility that for whatever reason the powers that be have not issued an arrest warrant.

So job one is to find out if a warrant exists. You can do this by contacting a bail bond company and asking them to conduct a confidential search. If there is indeed a warrant out for your arrest the bail bond agent will be able to tell you if it was issued in Broomfield County, Adams County or elsewhere, whether or not the state has set bail and how much that bail is.

Turning Yourself In

Once you learn there is a warrant for your arrest, where the warrant was issued and what type of bail is involved you should take control of the situation and voluntarily surrender yourself. Before you do you can work with the bondsman to fill out paperwork and lay the groundwork for your eventual release on bail.

After you have turned yourself in, the bondsman can then act in an expeditious fashion to have you released as quickly as possible. Just keep in mind that if bail has not yet been set you will need to wait until the bail hearing to discover the amount and obtain your release.

Keep in mind too that you will need to turn yourself in to the county where the arrest warrant was issued. Turning yourself in at the wrong location can lead to delays and complications as you will need to be extradited to the appropriate county jail.

What to Bring When Surrendering Yourself

The whole point of turning yourself in is to demonstrate respect for the legal process. If you show up with no ID and a bad attitude you’re not going to score any points with the court. The smart thing to do is to bring a photo ID (driver’s license, passport, military ID) and remain calm and cooperative throughout the process.

If the bonding agent feels it might be a day or two (or more) before you are actually released you should make sure to bring any prescription meds you are taking along with glasses, hearing aids or anything else you need to function normally.

Benefits of Turning Yourself In

Arrest warrants don’t expire, meaning if you ignore one you could be out with your family two or three years after the fact, get stopped by the police for some minor traffic violation, and wind up being taken away in handcuffs. Once in custody, the state is likely to take a hard line with you since you refused to cooperate when you had the chance.

By turning yourself in you demonstrate that you are socially responsible and (at least modestly) contrite. The court will take this into consideration when sentencing rolls around. Once the legal process has run its course you will be free to live your life without the fear of the hammer coming down at any moment. In addition, as long as you make all your court dates and don’t violate the terms of your bail any bail money you put up will also be returned to you.

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If you are living with an arrest warrant over your head the smart thing to do for yourself, your loved ones and your future is to turn yourself in and face the music. The short-term pain (which may not be that painful, unless you’re accused of some heinous crime) will be more than offset by the long-term gain.

Whether you need to turn yourself in or you have been arrested and need 24-hour bail bonds, Urban Bail Bonds is here to help. Call (303) 736-2275.