Friends and loved ones who travel sometimes wind up on the wrong side of the law when they are in another state on business or pleasure. Whether they had too much to drink and were arrested while driving in Broomfield County, or were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and were scooped up in a police sweep they now need some help getting out of jail. But can you help? If you are in Florida or Pennsylvania can you work with a bail bond agent in Colorado to secure their release? Read on to find out.

Bailing Someone Out in a Different State: Is it Possible?

Business trips and vacations don’t always go as planned. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that people who are traveling sometimes wind up in jail far from home. Lacking any local contacts and not having enough money on them to secure bail themselves they may call others to help. But how do you go about bailing someone out in a different state? Is it even possible?

The good news is, yes, it is possible to bail someone out even if you’re in New York and they’re in jail in Broomfield, Colorado. But as you might imagine the process is not quite as straightforward as it would be if you both lived in Colorado.

The Process of Bailing Someone Out in a Different State

When attempting to bail someone out of jail in a different state you are likely to run into at least two significant issues. The first is that bail fees and the bail process may be different in the state where your friend or loved one was arrested than it is in your home state (that’s only relevant if you have some experience with the bail process in your home state, which you may not have.)

The other potential issue is getting the information you need in order to post bond. You can’t simply call another city in another state and say “I want to post bail for my friend Joe.” Before the process can even start you need to know the following:

  • Their date of birth
  • Which jail they are being detained in
  • What they are charged with
  • Who arrested them (Sheriff, Local Police, etc.)
  • Booking number
  • Bail amount

Once you have gathered all this information together you can think about beginning the bail process. But, wouldn’t you know it? The roadblocks don’t stop there. Because now you have to figure out how to get the bail money to the jailhouse and how you’re going to fill out all the necessary paperwork. To say this can be a challenge if you’re in another state 1,000 miles from the jail is an understatement. Fortunately, there is an easier way.

Instead of attempting to orchestrate the details of your friend’s release from afar, a better idea is to contact a local bail bond company and have them handle everything for you. All you have to do is give them your friend or loved one’s name, where they were arrested, and any other information you’re able to provide. The bonding company will take it from there. They will be familiar with the local bail process and be able to locate and secure a bond for your friend or loved one in just a few hours.

Keep in mind too that there’s no reason your friend or family member needs to stay in jail overnight. Companies like Urban Bail Bonds offer 24-hour bail bonds, meaning your friend or loved one does not have to languish in jail all night waiting for the sun to come up.

Is That It? Is it That Simple?

The local bail bond agent will greatly simplify and speed up the process for you but there will still be a few extra steps you’ll need to take to make everything happen. You will need to supply electronic verification of your identity, (the bondsman will tell you the best way to do that), and you will need to electronically sign documents stating you take responsibility for your friend or loved one and agree to be financially responsible for the bond amount should they jump bail.

Contact Urban Bail Bonds for Help 24/7

If someone you know has been arrested in another state the best thing to do is contact a local bail bond company and let them work their magic. If that “other state” happens to be Colorado and you live elsewhere, call Urban Bail Bonds at (303) 736-2275 and follow the instructions you are given.