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Rumors regarding the death of the bail bonding system have been greatly exaggerated. The fact is bail is still here in most places and still the best way to promote accountability and help ensure justice for the victims of crime.

Unless a person has been accused of some heinous crime their chances of being granted bail are good. And since the constitution prohibits excessive bail they should be able to gain their release quickly.

But what many people who are out on bail don’t fully understand is that bail can be just as quickly revoked if they don’t adhere to the conditions of their release. Keep reading to learn about some common reasons a person’s bail might be revoked.

Common Reasons People Have Their Bail Revoked

In the vast majority of cases, a person is released on bail, shows up in court on the appointed day to face the charges against them, and then has the bail amount returned to them upon conclusion of legal proceedings. In some instances, though a person’s bail is revoked and there isn’t anything the bail bond agent or anyone else can do about it. Here are some common reasons the court decides to revoke a person’s bail.

They get re-arrested while out on bail

When bail is granted it comes with certain strings attached. One of those strings is that the person being bailed out agrees not to commit additional crimes while awaiting their day in court. If they wind up being rearrested while on bail they’ll likely have their bail revoked and have to remain in custody until their court appearance.

They contact the alleged victim

It’s all too common for people facing domestic abuse charges to promise to stay clear of their partner or former partner and then break that promise once they’re released. Likewise, people who feel they were wrongly accused of theft or other types of mischief often want to confront the person who filed the charges against them. Bad idea. Contacting victims or witnesses is one of the fastest and surest ways to have your bail revoked.

They fail to appear for their court date

One of the reasons for working with the bail bond company and gaining your release is so that you can spend the time before your court date preparing your defense. In some cases, however, people decide not to face the music and either flee the state or go into hiding. Another bad idea. Failing to appear in court will almost always result in bail being revoked and having an arrest warrant issued for your return to jail. Which means you’ve just turned a bad situation into an even worse one.

They behave badly while out on bail

Being released on bail isn’t a license to act like a jerk or go on a crime spree across Broomfield County and Adams County. You’re supposed to act like an adult while out on bail, which demonstrates a bit of humility and respect for the seriousness of the situation. Sometimes, however, people on bail seem intent on calling attention to themselves in the worst possible ways and when word gets back to the court their bail is revoked.

They show contempt for the court proceedings

If you show up to face the charges against you and spend the whole time yelling, threatening witnesses, and snapping at the judge you can be pretty sure your bail will be revoked on the spot and you won’t be going home that night. Remember, bail covers the trial period too. This means that even if the trial drags on you can spend your nights in your own bed. Misbehave in court, however, and it’ll be back to a cell. Review our guide on mistakes while out on bail to ensure that you know which rules are essential to follow.

They misrepresent themselves

After a person is arrested they’ll be asked some personal questions to help determine if they’re eligible for bail. These questions also help determine the bail amount. However, if a person lies about their circumstances for whatever reason and the court later becomes aware they lied it’s likely their bail will be revoked and an arrest warrant will be issued.

So Your Bail Has Been Revoked, Now What?

If your bail is revoked a warrant will be issued for your arrest (if you’re not already in the courtroom). Once you are picked up you will be returned to jail where you will remain until your trial is complete. A nice big black mark will also appear on your permanent record indicating your bail was revoked and giving the reason.

If you paid the full bail amount out of your own pocket you stand to lose the entire bail amount. On the other hand, if you worked with a 24-hour bail bonds company they (the bail agent) would take the initial hit. But they’re not just going to accept that kind of loss. Instead, they’ll start legal proceedings against you to recoup their losses.

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Bail is not an absolute right. Meaning depending on the alleged crime bail may not be granted. In most cases, however, a bail amount is assigned and the person is released. But that release is not unconditional. If after release the person acts in a way that runs counter to the terms of their bail the privilege can and often is revoked.

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