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Hollywood’s idea of bail goes like this: the suspect is dragged before a judge in a crowded courtroom where the prosecutor requests that she be held without bail and her lawyer asks that she be released without conditions. The judge then makes some pithy remark and sets bail at an amount that doesn’t please anyone. In reality, bail hearings are not nearly as common as popular media would have you believe. Read on to learn what a bail hearing is, why most people never have one and the role of the bail bond agent in all of this.

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The last thing anyone wants when they’re on vacation is to be arrested. If you came all the way from the East Coast to hike in the Rockies and wind up in a jail in Adams County or Denver it not only ruins your vacation but it creates a series of related problems that must be addressed in the proper manner. Failing to do so could brand you a fugitive, permanently damage your record and compromise your personal and professional development. In this post, we’ll look at how a bail bond agent can help you deal with being arrested in Colorado.

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Living with an arrest warrant hanging over your head means you are never truly free. Even an incidental encounter with the police could end up with them discovering the warrant and taking you into custody. Any time someone rings your doorbell you’ll fear the police coming to serve the arrest warrant. Or, depending on the severity of the charge, they may come right into your place of work and take you out in cuffs in front of everyone. After more than 16 years of experience, the Urban Bail Bonds team knows how active warrants can undermine quality of life. This raises the question – “should you turn yourself in?”

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If you or someone you care about has been arrested you know how confusing the whole thing can be. What do you do now? Do you call the bail bond agent or a loved one or a lawyer? How does bail work anyway? Do you have to wait for a bail hearing or will someone inform you how much your bail is going to be? And what the heck is a bail schedule?

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In most cases that don’t involve serious felonies, posting bail in Broomfield County or Adams County is a pretty simple and straightforward process. Unfortunately, once released many people make fundamental missteps that result in their bail being revoked and perhaps other charges being brought against them. In this post we are going to look at some of the most common mistakes people make after the bail bond agent has helped secure their release.

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Most people arrested in Broomfield County or Adams County assume that the bail amount assigned to their case is etched in stone. But is it? Does the accused have to accept the bail amount or can they ask the bail bond agent to have it lowered? First of all, the bondsman cannot change the amount of bail. But the courts can and sometimes do because of a line in the 8th amendment which states “excessive bail shall not be required”.
Those six words were added to the Bill of Rights in order to prevent the type of abuse that was common in the English system that much of US law is based on. Bail had been part of the English criminal justice system since 1275, but for centuries the powers that be abused that system by shouldering defendants they didn’t like with bail amounts they could never pay. The 8th amendment was designed to prevent that from happening here. So the answer to the question is: Yes, you can ask for lower bail.

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Courts in Colorado take domestic violence cases extremely seriously. These are some of the most complex cases imaginable as they involve the competing rights of the aggrieved party to live their life free of the threat of violence, stalking and other types of abuse, and the right of the accused to the presumption of innocence. Unfortunately, as any experienced bail agent can attest, domestic violence cases are all too common and courts often place a variety of extraordinary conditions on the release of the accused.
Below we will look at the process the court goes through when determining whether a person accused of domestic violence should be released on bail, and what conditions they may apply to the person’s release.

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Everyone makes mistakes. In the US alone some 4.5 million people are arrested every year. Some are released without ever being charged. Others are charged with a crime and offered bail. With a small percentage, the severity of their crime or a lengthy criminal history will mean they are held without bail. For the purposes of this post, we are going to look at the potential repercussions of being arrested and then released with the help of a licensed bail agent.

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